Sunday, December 09, 2007

Magic Ball Scrumble

A "magic ball" is made of yarn scraps tied together. A "scrumble" is a free form crochet piece.
This was made starting with a black flat circle made in dc, then the next round started with the "magic ball". Whenever a new piece of yarn started, I made a ch 3, turn and went back in the opposite direction.
This is a scan of the piece, pretty much centered (quite a bit hanging over the edges of the scanner)-- it looks like a multi colored amoeba. The yarns are various types and weights-- including several novelty yarns. After the "masagic ball" was used up, I made an "outline" round with a white yarn. I have a new "magic ball" started.....

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Bodhi Tree and Christmas Vases

The first picture is of my entry in the SDAI "Holiday Trees" gallery exhibit. I should get at least "third place", seeing as only two other submissions were received by the deadline. The tree frame is from Ikea; 366 leaf beads, three monkeys and a star bead are wired on and the wire is secured to the frame with floral tape. The charm is a genuine Tibetan Buddhist iconograph of Gautama Buddha at the conclusion of the meditation in which he attained Enlightenment.
The second picture is of two of the three "Salong" vases I've beaded, with artificial flower arrangements.