Friday, December 30, 2005

Scarves... LOTS of scarves...

... are what I've been making most of December, even after Christmas was over....

The basic instructions are from

My changes: ("first generation mutations")
Larger hook-- I used an "N" aluminum hook
"Fancy" yarns, worsted and bulky weights
Did without the fringe (I don't like it)
Shorter length-- I made them about as long as I can stretch out my arms.

Sample combinations:
Lava: Lion Brand “Suede” in black/recycled sari silk (from The Hunger Site store) (not shown)

Midworld: Caron “Jewel Box” in emerald/ Lion Brand ”Fancy Fur” in Spring (top)

Retro: Bernat “Eye Lash: in blush/”Suede” in black (not shown)

Fantasy Fox: “Jewel Box” in jasper/Lion Brand ”Disco” in Mr. Brown (bottom)

(2d generation mutations)-- switched R 1, 2, 5, & 6 sc rows to "sc, ch 1" pattern (sc done in ch 1 space, sc below skipped).

Ashes-- Lion Brand"Suede"/Bernat "Boa" (2d from top)

Spring Garden-- white chenille (unknown brand-- bulky,on a cone) /Patons "Twister" in Fruit Loops (3d from top)

Celtic Night-- "Jewel Box" in amazonite/"Fancy Fur" (black eyelashes with green and turquoise blobs) (not shown)