Monday, November 06, 2006


These are a few of my collection of about 40 or so "beconing cats"-- the bottom two "families" and the top left kitty are New Years decorations. The top right "fat cat" is a very popular new version-- s/he comes in many sizes and colors.

And how does this relate to anything about beading or crafts? Well, it's in answer to a question by a fellow beader... and Yahoo wouldn't let me post on the group.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Fine Arts Show

Yesterday, I entered the "C-Note Show" at the San Diego Art Institute ( . This is the first time I've been in a "fine arts" gallery show.

There was a "jury" of sorts-- the staff member checking stuff in was the "jury", and she said "Oh! Lovely!... is this the only one?" Most people, at least up to when I brought mine in, were entering the max (8 pieces)-- they will be "juried" a bit more strenuously, but everybody entering pieces that meet the general criteria (framed or mounted if not on stretched canvas; wired for hanging if "wall art") will get at least one of their pieces "hung".

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Petition re: Austin Hamilton beads

"A request that Minek INC state in all their advertisements, auctions and sales listings the country of manufacture of the beads sold by Minek and all subsidiary companies such as Austin Hamilton."

This is to request that the company use "truth in advertising"-- that is, to identify the country of origin (China), rather than imply that they are made by small-studio artisans in Canada. Petition is to be sent to beading magazines that carry advertizing for the company.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

ATTN: any US military vets/spouses of vets

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has recently learned that an employee, a data analyst, took home electronic data from the VA, which he was not authorized to do. This behavior was in violation of VA policies. This data contained identifying information including names, social security numbers, and dates of birth for up to 26.5 million veterans and some spouses, as well as some disability ratings. Importantly, the affected data did not include any of VA's electronic health records nor any financial information. The employee's home was burglarized and this data was stolen. The employee has been placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of an investigation.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Museum Shop Sales....

About 6 weeks ago, I joined the San Diego Art Institute >><< as an "associate member", and about a month ago, brought in some of my crochet work for the gift shop. This past week, I found two of the items had sold-- a shrug and one of my bead-crocheted purses. Two more shrugs went in Thursday... by request of the shop director.

It's rather high-priced as a venue... 45% commission + 3 hrs volunteer work/month for members to have items in the gift shop. I also found out (when I got my check), they take out fees for credit card purchases from the artist share of the purchace price. Kinda explains why the prices in the gallery are so high....

Oh, well, I joined for other reasons, really. So far, I've attended 3 of the classes they sponsored-- two on the business side of art (copyright and tax stuff) and one on digital image printing. The next few aren't of much interest, but there is one on framing I plan to attend this Fall. I'll also be entering a piece in a gallery event in June-- they call it a "C-Note Sale". Any "elegible" piece priced at $100, $200 or $300... and sales are split 50/50 with the artist. "Elegible" means it has to be "fine art", which essentially means, it has to be framed to hang on the wall, or mounted to stand on a table.... All their gallery shows are juried, so it'll be wait & see whether I even get in. I am framing a beaded crystal cluster-- it was going to be a brooch or a collar style necklace center, but it's really too big to do either well.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Curly Scarves

The green and blue scarves use Lion Brand Homespun and Fun Fur yarns. The green one has a "curl" flattened out, the blue one shows how the scarf "drapes" into waves.

The third scan shows a scarf made with Caron Jewel Box and Moda Dea Kickx yarns.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Condor Con 2006

Art Show Set-up

This is how my table at the art show was set up. Tables were standard hotel issue-- 6' x 30", with a white cloth and dark blue skirt. Sales were through a "silent auction" type process-- at the front of the table, you can see my bid sheets; I group mine in stacks of 10.

Most of my main display pieces are hollow "half torsoes"; these are intended as hanging units, but a brick in the bottom holds them nicely to the table.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

"Meadow" Series

No, they're not the same size.... On the top is an 18" necklace, on the bottom is a 6 3/4" bracelet. Both are based on the theme-word, "meadow". Also in the works is a crocheted shrug, and if I can find a decent green cord, there will probably be a purse.

Both will be part of my display at Condor Con's art show, Mar.3-5, 2006. The shrug, too, if I get it finished.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy Year of the Dog!!

The picture is a scan of an amulet bag I made a few years ago. The subject is Rufferto, the hound who has attached himself to Groo, Sergio Aragones' mendicant warrior.
The bag is made in peyote st using 15/0 seed beads, bead appliquet and simple fringe. The strap (not pictured) attaches with a button and loop closure, and may be worn as a necklace without the bag.
To learn more about Rufferto, or Groo-- go to (a fan club) or to (run by Mark Evanier, Sergio's partner and writer for the Groo adventures) and click on the link to "Groo the Wanderer".