Sunday, October 23, 2005

Jade & Coral Necklace, with instructions

A substantial necklace.... Focal piece is about 3" long. Directions, and "ingredients" for making this necklace are in "Comments".

04-07 $75

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kaytee said...

Jade and Coral Necklace

1 extra large bi-colored “new jade” stone, drilled as a pendant
4 green “new jade” nuggets
4 green “new jade” facetted roundels
15 green “new jade” 6mm rounds
18 green “new jade” 4mm rounds
2 red sponge coral 10x16mm roundels
4 red sponge coral 6x12mm roundels
33 red sponge coral chips
12 brass 8mm discs
6 brass 6mm spacers
2 8/0 seed beads—tr. Green AB
small amount of 11/0 seed beads in a “brassy” color
14# test Spiderline “Fusion”
1 brass button, with shank, ~ 1” in diameter

#10 Pony beading needles
Kids’ “Fiskars” scissors (to cut Spiderline)

Part one: Make pendant
1. Decide which will be the “front” of the jade stone.
2. Cut about 1 yd. of Spiderline, and thread a needle with it. It helps to cut the line at an angle, and “mash” the tip flat before threading it.
3. Put a “stop bead” at the other end of the line, leaving a few inches of “tail”. String on 12 or more 11/0 beads, pass the thread through the jade stone, and check to see if there are enough seed beads to go from front to back of the stone and leave enough clearance for stringing. If necessary, add more seed beads.
4. Go through the first seed bead, the do a row of peyote st . Pass thread through the stone, then do another row of peyote st on the other side of the base row.
5. Pass through stone, then add on several 11/0 beads, 1 6mm round, 1 coral chip, and 3 seed beads. Go back through strand, starting at the chip. (One fringe made)
6. Pass needle diagonally through peyote st bail to the 2d outside row bead, then peyote st to other side, and pass through the jade stone.
7. Make another fringe, as in step 5, but longer or shorter than the first one. Pass needle diagonally to the other edge of the bail, as in step 6, and peyote st to the other side.
8. Pass thread through the jade stone, and make a 3d strand of fringe, different in length from the other two.
9. Knot end of line with beginning tail. End tails by weaving through bail beads.

Part Two: stringing the necklace
1. Cut about 2 yd of Spiderline , and thread a needle with it. Put on a “stop bead”, leaving a few inches for a tail.
2. String on:
8/0, 11/o, 11/o, 11/o, 4, 11/o, 4, 11/o, 4, 11/o, 4, 11/o, 4, 11/o, C, 11/o, 4, 11/o, C, 11/o, 4, 11/o, C, 11/o, 4, 11/o, 6, 11/o, C, C, C, 11/o, 6, 11/o, C, C, C, 11/o, 6, 11/o, C, C, C, 11/o, 6
spacer, nugget, disc, 6x12mm, disc, facetted jade, disc, 10x16mm, disc, facetted jade, disc, 6x12mm, disc, nugget, spacer
6,11/o, C, C, C, 11/o, 6, spacer, 4
enough 11/0s to equal the width of the bail. Pass through bail.
3. String the other side of the necklace: the reverse of the order in step 2.
4. After the 8/0 bead, string on enough 11/0s to equal half the diameter of the button, then the button, then 11/0s to equal the first half. Pull taut, then pass through all the 11/0s and button again.
5. Go back through the neck strand, starting with the 8/0 bead, up to the last 4mm bead, add 11/0s to equal the width of the bail, go through the bail, then up the other side of the necklace.
6. After the 8/0 bead, add enough 11/0 beads to fit comfortably around your button. Pull line taut, and pass through the 11/0 beads again.
7. Remove “stop bead”. Knot beginning tail to thread end, then pass end through several beads and trim. Pass beginning tail through several beads in “loop”, and trim.