Friday, February 27, 2009

Condor Con 2009

I set up my table at the Condor Con Art Show this afternoon-- 80 pieces, which is less than usual. After setting up, I realized I had forgotten the bid sheets... and since the idea is to sell some of these pieces, I had the option of going home and fetching the beautifully (?) mail-merged and neatly printed out ones that were sitting in front of my computer, or hastily fill out 80 new sheets.... Didn't need to think toooo long. It would have taken longer to fill them out, than a round trip home, and the thought of paying for parking twice (and for the gas) was barely considered compared to the risk of terminal writer's cramp.
Dear, sweet Glen Wooten, the Art Show director, is very patient with this sort of thing.... And the parking attendant didn't charge me for the quick in & out stop, so he's officially a sweetie, too.


TeriB said...

These are lovely, Kaytee, I like the open weave that can be thrown over anything from a tank top to a turtleneck and add color and texture to an outfit! Teri

kaytee said...

Thanks, Teri! They also are that "just a little" bit of warmth needed here in San Diego. Unfortunately, none of them sold this time around :-(

Nicola said...

I never thought I'd say this but....YAY PARKING ATTENDANT!!!!
(there I said it I'm off to lie down in a darkened room now)
Nic xx
P.S> Great Twitter, fab blog I'm now a follower of both!